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Top 50 Technologies of 2022: Novel Growth Avenues for the Chemicals, Materials, and Nutrition Industry Join our GIL Council to be a Part of a Robust Community Aimed at Translating Consumer Perceptions into Business Opportunities Benefit from a Complimentary Dialog with our Growth Coaches and Assess Your Company's Growth Strategy Personal Protective Equipment Distribution: How are Emerging Business Models Driving Growth Prospects? Which Transformational Strategies are Driving the Growth of Examination Gloves? What Robust Innovations are Amplifying the Growth of Oral Solid Dosage Excipients?

Growth Opportunities

Global Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Nuclear Energy: Innovative Growth Avenues Unveiled
Global PPE for Nuclear Energy: Innovative Growth Avenues Unveiled

Why does decommissioning a nuclear power plant require the most sophisticated and highest-value PPE? Which activities contribute the most revenue? How are PPE product segments protecting against radioactivity and other physical, thermal, and electrical hazards? Find out more in this research.

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What are the Growth Predictions for Nutrition & Wellness Ingredients?
What are the Growth Predictions for Nutrition & Wellness Ingredients?

Explore key end-use sectors like F&B, dietary supplements, personal care and cosmetics, animal feed additives, and pet nutrition ingredients. Examine key imperatives like geopolitical chaos, key themes for suppliers like sustainability, and top consumer priorities like health.

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How are Regulatory Norms Impacting the Growth of Surgical Gloves?
How are Regulatory Norms Impacting the Growth of Surgical Gloves?

What is the expected revenue and growth rate for segments like latex and synthetic gloves and sub-segments like powder-free latex and polyisoprene gloves? How will the price-sensitive regions and the increased adoption of eco-friendly and biodegradable products drive this industry?

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Growth Analytics

Explore our growth analytics offerings such as key account management (KAM), research-as-a-service (RaaS), global opportunity scouting, competitive intelligence, marketing and sales operations support, content management, and much more.

CxO Insights


The Rise of the Sheconomy: Women’s Increasing Impact on Business, Culture, and Healthcare

Reenita Das
Partner, Senior VP, Healthcare and Life Sciences – Frost & Sullivan

The Sheconomy impacts almost every economic sector because a more significant proportion of highly educated women are joining the global workforce every year. With the increase in spending power, women are propelling economic activity from both ends—accelerating growth as a workforce and featuring as promising retail consumers. However, this female-powered economy is more than a mega trend for leveraging the economy. It is a massive force that addresses the inequalities women have faced at home, in society, and in their workplaces for generations.

Schedule a dialog or email us at myfrost@frost.com to connect with an industry expert at no charge. We are taking unprecedented action to make our team available to help you cut through the media and politics to get factual one-to-one guidance for the issues and opportunities that matter most to your business.

Top Growth Insights

Multilayer Barrier Packaging: What Competitive Factors are Powering Future Potential
Multilayer Barrier Packaging

How are factors like material substitution potential impacting this industry’s size?

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Global Plastics and Composites Space: Innovative Growth Strategies Unveiled
Plastics and Composites

Analyze key material types like polyvinyl chloride, polyurethanes, HPPs, and more

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What are the Transformational Growth Opportunities in the Turkish PPE Sector?
Turkish PPE

How are workplace hazard concerns and stricter safety protocols driving demand?

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What are the Key Growth Predictions for the C.A.S.E Industry in 2022?

What are the revenue forecasts for each product group, end application, and region?

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Robust Business Models Reveal Vast Growth Potential for Global Sustainable Agriculture
Sustainable Agriculture

Examine the convergence of digital technologies and regenerative farming practices

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Emerging Growth Opportunities in the Western European Gas Detection Equipment Landscape
Gas Detection Equipment

How is the adoption of PaaS and rental platforms enhancing product penetration?

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Game-changing Innovations and New Growth Prospects in the Brazilian Personal Protective Equipment Sector
Brazilian PPE

How much revenue is generated by large product segments like protective clothing?

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Potential Growth Opportunities Driving the Global Silicones Sector

Explore the elastomers, fluids, resins, gels, and application methods in this sector

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Analyst Insights

Despite the commercialisation of new technologies, there is still a significant gap, especially if we want to reach the sustainability goals set for 2050. One of the other options to close this gap is to change consumer behaviour and reduce plastic consumption. In some cases, this is feasible and even desirable. But in other cases, it could mean sacrificing something (a piece of packaging, for example) that actually does an important job, like reducing food waste.
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Global food supplies have experienced a challenging couple of years. First, in 2021, due to supply constraints in fundamental fertilizer-producing countries like China, India, the US, Canada, and Russia; now, we need to add the war in Ukraine to the analysis. This issue involves us all because supply chains are truly global, and one country’s trade problem becomes a problem for the rest of the world.
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Press Releases

Digitalization and Innovative Business Models Key to Transformational Growth in APAC, Finds Frost & Sullivan

Leveraging key transformational technologies and trends driving emerging opportunities was the underlying theme at Frost & Sullivan’s recent event, “Asia Pacific Perspective: What are the Transformational Opportunities in 2022?” It featured key insights into critical developments impacting industries such as energy, healthcare, aerospace & defense and technology. Participants also had the chance to listen to an in-depth panel discussion highlighting the key trends in healthcare.

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Frost & Sullivan and TERI’s Sustainability 4.0 Awards 2021 Honor Companies Embedding Sustainability with Economic Value Creation

The 12th edition of Frost & Sullivan and The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI)’s Sustainability 4.0 Awards took place virtually on Jan. 12, 2022. The awards recognized companies embedding sustainability with economic value creation, thereby creating value for all stakeholders, building a safer environment, and ensuring a stronger community.

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Rising Demand for Customization Drives the Global 3D Printing Materials Market

Frost & Sullivan’s recent analysis, Global 3D Printing Materials Growth Opportunities, finds that the global 3D printing materials market is projected to reach $3.18 billion by 2027 from $1.33 billion in 2020 at a compound annual growth rate of 13.3%. The market is driven by the growing acceptance and deployment of 3D printing technologies in product design and development functions.

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