Opening new revenue avenues with location data-enabled mobility services

Changing mobility behavior and advances in digital technologies enrich the experience for car drivers and riders while opening new avenues for businesses to create value. To achieve the perfect C.A.S.E proposition, create new digital touchpoints with the car owner, or offer new personalized, on-demand mobility experiences, it is essential to solve the “where” dilemma. Location intelligence is the key to the next wave of transformation and is necessary to support the offline-to-online brand experience.

The discussion will be focused on:

  1. Highly personalized, on-demand, and up-to-date content to meet consumer expectations
  2. Vehicle safety, security and navigation services to provide advanced road insights, fueled by smart location services, to pave the way for driverless cars
  3. An extended sales portfolio as Automakers turn into service organizations for integrated and sustainable mobility
  4. New digital touchpoints to ensure customers maintain brand awareness and loyalty
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