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Top Strategic Imperatives for Growth

Are you ready to embrace the transformation and thrive in the aerospace, defense, and security landscape?

Top 6 Strategic Imperatives Transforming the Defense Industry

Top 6 Strategic Imperatives Transforming the Defense Industry

  • Identify new growth opportunities to thrive in the arms race amidst regional turmoil
  • Leverage disruptive technologies in hypersonic weapon development to grow
  • Examine how the indigenization of military capabilities impacts the growth of the defense industry


Top 8 Strategic Imperatives Impacting the Cybersecurity Industry

Top 8 Strategic Imperatives Impacting the Cybersecurity Industry

  • Discover new growth opportunities and megatrends in quantum computing
  • Explore how you can capitalize on industry convergence to unify disparate identity solutions for growth
  • Utilize disruptive technologies to simplify extended detection and response solutions and grow


Top 8 Strategic Imperatives Defining the Commercial and Public Security Industry

Top 8 Strategic Imperatives Defining the Commercial and Public Security Industry

  • Uncover new growth opportunities for direct-to-consumer security platforms
  • Assess how you can leverage biometric authentication systems for growth
  • Analyze how the implementation of the zero trust security model can drive growth




Commercial and Public Security

Top Growth Opportunities


Space Growth Journey

Watch Shehroz Sayeed, Growth Expert in Frost & Sullivan’s Aerospace & Defense Practice, as he explores how the upstream launch service segment has become an increasingly important component of the wider space value chain and how the increasing satellite demand paves the way for growth opportunities in the space ecosystem.

Schedule a Growth Pipeline Dialog with our experts to dive into the growth priorities for your organization in 2024 and beyond:

Frost Radar and Growth Perspectives

Frost Radar – What Growth Drivers Are Fueling the Heavy-Lift Cargo Drones Industry?

Heavy-Lift Cargo Drones Industry

Explore the transformational growth opportunities that the industry can unlock for your company

Frost Radar – What Are the Top Companies Driving Growth in the Explosive Trace Detector Industry?

Explosive Trace Detector Industry

What go-to-market strategies fuel desktop-based detectors' growth? Are you ready to capture the opportunities?

Frost Radar – What Are the Best Practices that Trigger Growth in Small Hybrid Drones?

Small Hybrid Drones Industry

Has your team strategized to disrupt this relatively new commercial drone subset with strong growth potential?

United States Defense Budget Assessment: What Are the Significant Growth Opportunities?

US Defense Budget Assessment

Analyze budget requests, military megatrends, and future defense spending objectives to plan your next move for growth

Commercial Drone Data Analysis Software: How Can Your Team Strategize to Grow in the Landscape?

Commercial Drone Data Analysis Software

How is your leadership team integrating sensors to enhance the customer experience? What megatrends exist?

Which Best Practices Create Growth Opportunities in the United States Foreign Military Sales Industry?

The US Foreign Military Sales Landscape

Strategies to partner with defense companies, academia, and small and medium enterprises for competitive solutions

How Can Your Team Leverage the Growth Opportunities in the Anti-Tank Missile Landscape?

Top Opportunities in the Anti-Tank Missiles Landscape

Why is there a need for advanced operational offensive capabilities against tanks and various armored vehicles?

Active Defense Systems for Military Armored Vehicles – What Are the Promising Growth Drivers You Can Capitalize On?

Active Defense Systems for Military Armored Vehicles

Capitalize on technological best practices and megatrends to close the growth gaps amid geopolitical chaos

Transformational Journey Exclusives

What are the major growth opportunities transforming commercial & public security, commercial aviation, defense, and cybersecurity?

Are You Harnessing the Full Spectrum of Growth Opportunities for Drones in Disaster Relief and Emergency Response?
Growth Opportunities for Drones in Disaster Relief and Emergency Response

How to close the growth gaps posed by high costs and complexities in the adoption of drone technologies within the security industry?

Best Practices Unlocked!

Strategic Imperatives Transforming the Heavy-Lift Cargo Drones Industry
Strategic Imperatives Transforming the Heavy-Lift Cargo Drones Industry

How are urbanization and sustainability driving the growth of the industry? Are you elevating your growth strategies to thrive in the evolving ecosystem?

Capture Opportunities!

Exploring Growth Opportunities in Software Supply Chain Security
Exploring Growth Opportunities in Software Supply Chain Security

What factors are fueling growth, including traditional application security limitations, and widespread use of open-source and third-party software?

Close the Growth Gaps!

Major Transformation in Operational Technology Cybersecurity Solutions
Major Transformation in Operational Technology Cybersecurity Solutions

Why is it crucial to ensure the effectiveness of operational technologies (OT) cybersecurity in critical infrastructure industries? What growth opportunities are arising from it?

Seize Growth!

Collaboration4Growth – Cybersecurity Growth Opportunities
Collaboration4Growth – Cybersecurity Growth Opportunities

How can your teams integrate a platform-centric strategic approach to security in order to generate growth opportunities? What megatrends will propel your growth?

Transform Now!

Maximizing Growth Prospects Within the Defense Ecosystem
Maximizing Growth Prospects Within the Defense Ecosystem

How do geopolitical chaos, transformative megatrends, and the integration of disruptive technologies into military strategies are reshaping the defense ecosystem?

Implement Growth Strategies!

Frost Perspectives

Is Your Organization Capitalizing on the Growth Opportunities Emerging in the Space Industry?

The race to the stars is intensifying as nations and private entities continue to increase investments in space exploration. The focus is on cost-effective launches, reusable rockets, smart manufacturing, and alternative fuels to make space more accessible. New industry entrants are intensifying the competitive environment, while international collaborations and enhanced focus on disruptive technologies are fueling innovation and growth.

Is your organization capitalizing on the growth opportunities emerging in the space industry?

How Can US-Based Companies Compete Globally and Grow Sustainably in the Defense Trade Industry?

Amid escalating global chaos, United States (US) allies are strengthening their military capabilities through disruptive technologies and increased defense expenditures. While this fuels growth in foreign military sales it also presents a formidable challenge for US companies as allies develop indigenous defense systems. To sustain growth, innovation and adaptation are imperative for US firms to navigate this shifting landscape.

How can US-based companies compete globally and grow sustainably in the defense trade industry?

Top 10 Strategic Imperatives Defining the Commercial and Public Security Industry

The commercial and public security industry is rapidly evolving, fueled by disruptive technologies, novel business strategies, and worldwide developments. With advancements like quantum cryptography and artificial intelligence (AI)-driven risk analysis tools, organizations are reshaping security frameworks to address emerging risks effectively.

Top 10 Strategic Imperatives Defining the Commercial and Public Security Industry

Are You Implementing Robust Growth Strategies to Overcome Obstacles in the Cybersecurity Domain?

Cybersecurity breaches involving vulnerabilities in digital identities such as usernames, passwords, biometric data, and other authentication credentials are driving organizations to adopt more advanced identity and access management (IAM) solutions. These sophisticated IAM systems are essential for protecting corporate security infrastructures, which are susceptible to security vulnerabilities and data breaches.

Emerging Defense Realities in 2024

Media Mentions

  • SES/Intelsat Deal
  • Satellite Communications
  • Notable Interviews
Breaking Down the SES/Intelsat Deal: Analysts Review Multi-Orbit Assets and Competitive Effects 

SES‘s agreement to finally acquire Intelsat still sent shockwaves through the satellite industry as it will see the merger of two iconic global operators.

Via Satellite spoke to a number of analysts to analyze the deal from the strength of the operators’ multi-orbit assets, to how it will impact competition with Starlink.

This roundtable includes Frost & Sullivan growth experts in aerospace and defense - Arjun Sreekumar and Pravin Pradeep. 

Breaking Down the SES/Intelsat Deal: Analysts Review Multi-Orbit Assets and Competitive Effects

Analysis: Do legacy satellite communications have to merge to compete with Musk?

Intense competition from the likes of Elon Musk’s Starlink, Amazon’s Project Kuiper, new entrants and merging legacy players has seemingly prompted US satellite giant SES to make a major move, this week agreeing a $3.1 billion deal to acquire European rival Intelsat.

Arjun Sreekumar, growth expert, aerospace and defense at Frost & Sullivan assessed that SES has strategically timed the acquisition with proceeds it secured from C-band spectrum, “deliberately using the resources to strengthen the company’s position”

Analysis: Do legacy satcos have to merge to compete with Musk?

Notable Interviews of Frost and Sullivan Growth Experts

Check out Wayne Shaw, Growth Expert in Frost & Sullivan's Aerospace and Defense Practice, in a recent CNBC London studio interview where he explores in detail about Boeing. 

Wayne Shaw - Frost And Sullivan, Principal Consultant - Aerospace and Defense

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Commercial & Public Security

Technology Strategies in Global Commercial & Public Security: Exploring Growth Opportunities in Unmanned Solutions for Public Safety


Applications for Unmanned Solutions in Critical Infrastructure and Public Safety


Growth Opportunities in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Development Cybersecurity: Best Practices for Securing AI Development in a Cloud-First World


Technology Strategies in Global Cybersecurity


Emerging Global Defense Growth Opportunities: Rising Demand for Ammunition, Unmanned Systems, and Global Positioning System (GPS) Alternatives Amid Geopolitical Chaos


Exploring Global Growth Opportunities: How Technology is Revolutionizing Defense Strategies Amidst Geopolitical Chaos and Ammunition Shortages

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